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Threatened eviction

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If a written agreement between a landlord and tenant is made for repayment of back rent, and a partial payment is given along with the written agreement, and then the landlord adds new charges and the threat of eviction, can anything be done. The original amount was $1450.00. $400.00 was given when the agreement was given to the landlord. A balance of $1050.00 was left. Circumstances arose and we (my sister and I) contacted the landlord to explain. He arrived at our home, and before we could even try to explain the situation, the landlord said that we "better" find some source of monies, even if I had to make my big strapping son do something. He does not live with us. He stated that we were 2 months behind in the rent. No matter what we tried to say, he would not let us get a word in edgewise. He then stated that he would be back on Monday(today) and that we had better have some money for him or he would be here Tuesday with a u-haul and would put all of our belongings in storage. He stated that if we didn't have any money for him, he would evict us. We understand that we can't live here for free, and he does have an investment and needs his money.

After he left, I began to think about the conversation, and remember him saying that we were 2 months behind in rent. But the rent for November is paid. The check didn't bounce (or at least we have not been notified of it from our bank, nor is it on my bank statement). He then mentioned the check for $1450.00 that bounced. This is the rent repayment that we made the agreement about.

My sister and I then looked at the lastest printout of all monies paid from March til now. There are charges on the printout that we know nothing about, and the rent for November was paid and noted. But the balance owing should be $1050.00 and not the $1349.00 he is asking.

What do we do

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