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My lawyer never told me about settlement offer.

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The day before our child custody hearing my ex's attorney sent my lawyer a fax/email with a proposed schedule that I would have been very happy to agree to. My ex husband has 1 day off a week and it's never the same day week after week. He proposed taking the children only on that day in exchange for three 7 day vacations a year. Only I was never told of this proposal! The twins are 3 and have always lived with me (we divorced before they were born). The court ordered a 50/50 split 2 weeks with me, 2 weeks with him.

They spend every day with his 80 year old neighbor who yells at everyone because she's deaf.

The children wet their beds now every night and I had to find a new home for our puppy because my son started hurting it. The only reason I found out about the proposed agreement was because I got my file back from the attorney when he asked to be relieved as council a month before trial (my ex husband now wants full custody)

What is my recourse?

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