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Childsharing over Xmas with teenagaers.

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First time so forgive my mistakes please. My future husband ® for short and ex are having a new document of custody drawn up by court appointed therapist. 2 out of the 3 are claiming emotional abuse from their mom over years of living with her and they want to live with their Dad and not see their Mom until they have emotionally come to terms with the years of difficult living with Mom. They are all almost 15. Between after school sports, traveling for sports teams overnight, sleepovers with friends, is a detailed outline of custody visitations even relevant or useful at that age when it is exactly what the kids don't want? And at this age the have their own cell phones and can talk to either parent at anytime? Xmas the two living with him want to fly to their aunt and uncles and cousins house with Dad for Xmas break and Mother is trying to stop it. But neither teenager wants to be with her as she lives in a shelter since she refuses to work. Should Dad request appointed therapist to approve this trip outside of the general guardianship guideline? Parents share joint custody. Judger refuses to listen to teenagers desires in her courtroom until they are 18...need advice as an outsider. Thanks!

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