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We are a small, 501 c (6) Certification Board for Holistic Nurses. We need to register our service marks, e.g. Holistic Nursing-BC is HN-BC. I think our category is Class 042, Status A. My question is this: is this the category for our Board and/or can we use it for our service marks?

We are very small, and hope to do this on our own since we have 7 acronyms to register, and it is a minimum of $275/registration. Is it possible for us to do this without a lawyer?


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The answer to your last question is yes. The answer to your first question is that I haven't the slightest idea.

If you're going to spend a minimum of $1,925 to register seven trademarks, don't you think a few hundred more to get an informed opinion from a local attorney to make sure you do this correctly would be well-spent?

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