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A Judge's Ruling to leave children in Foster Care for over a YEAR

I am writing to see if you can help us with a decision/ruling made by Judge **** County September 2011/August 2012.

BACKGROUND: Judge ***8 granted us custody of twin boys (great nephews)in December 2010 the week after their Grandmother was given custody after the children were in Rankin County DHS custody. There have been several allegations of abuse and neglect on these children since about 2 months of age. The twins Mother left them when they were just 2 1/2 months old and has not been a part of their lives since. We also won the adjudication in June of 2011 in Youth Court Rankin County. We gave the boys a loving, secure and stable home from 8 months of age until 18 months when Judge **** River County) returned them to their father - who had not seen them in the 10 months that we had custody of them. We filed a Motion for Reconsideration in Chancery ***, but this was never brought before a Judge.

The father had them in his custody for the next 10 months when ** county DHS received a report in September 2011 and removed them from his custody once again. The children were brought to us by a Hinds County DHS Social worker. The twins were found to be living in a mobile home with chickens in the home and chicken fesses on the flooring. The children had chicken mite bites on them.

The twins were back with us for only 6 1/2 days when Judge **** County placed the children in Foster Care under DHS custody. Judge Skinner stated that we had "ulterior motives" - NOT TRUE! The only motive we have is to give these kids a chance at life, a safe-secure and loving home and to get them OUT OF THE WELFARE SYSTEM!

The father was ordered to get a job and seek alcohol rehabilitation. The father has shown up for visitations repeatedly drunk. These children have been in Foster Care for over a year now and we want to know if something can be done to help us and them out.

I have kept in contact with their DHS Social Worker b/c she knows and has repeatedly stated that the children would be better off if permanent custody were granted to my husband and myself. The Social Worker has told me to see if there is another avenue we could take to possibly get these children back into our home. I continuously call her and ask to see the boys and keep them in my prayers daily.

These little boys have touched so many lives and they are our "special angels". If you or someone could contact me I will give you names of all parties involved. My work phone number is****. Thanking you in advance! (Very concerned Great-Aunt)

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Such a sad story. You deserve to give those children a happy home. I would definitely consult with a family law attorney who can help you with your case. It's very hard to get custody otherwise.

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