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In Mid-July, I broke my leg. On August 2nd, I went in person to ****and obtained a temporary handicapped placard. I park at the Ventura County courthouse Monday through Friday for work, and on August 17th and 23rd I forgot to put up the placard and got two tickets for $280. I lost my original paperwork for the placard, so I went into *** on August 30th and specifically explained I needed a COPY of my paperwork to prove it was issued August 2nd. They instead re-issued the paperwork, and so I was stuck with something that said "Valid August 30th." I went into the DMV to obtain a record of the date it was first issued. Unfortunately, the record they gave me still says Valid August 30th at the top, although the record does show two dates for the placard - August 2nd and August 30th, each one with a system code next to it. When I brought this record in to contest the ticket, I was told that I need a paper specifically stating "Valid on [Date]" before the citations, and apparently the record with the system code doesn't count. The troubling thing is, the woman handling the citation apparently called up the DMV and their records show it was not valid on those dates, and she openly admits she doesn't know what the codes next to the dates mean. I went back to the DMV to request a paper that specifically says "Valid on August 2nd" and was told that there's no way to do that, once it's re-issued it will only display the latest date. I now have to set up an actual appeal date, and I need to know how I can use my resources to prove my placard was valid. I asked the woman handling my citation if the person hearing my case would be able to dismiss it based on the records I'd provided her and she said "I don't know, I guess if he's personally familiar with the DMV codes."

1. Is there any sort of precedent that the State of California must accept proof provided by the State of California?

2. Is there any way that I can prove that the documentation, specifically the code next to the August 2nd date on my paperwork, means that the placard was issued and valid on that date?

-Do I have to have an actual qualified DMV representative show up and testify that the code (I believe it was C80) means that it was issued and valid on that date?

-If the person hearing my case is not familiar with those codes, is there a way I can request a hearing by someone actually qualified to evaluate the case?

-Is there some kind of database that lists what these specific codes mean?

3. If the record is useless, is there any sort of recourse I can pursue on the grounds that the State of California cannot keep adequate records of its own actions?

Please, I do not want to donate $560 to Ventura County because of a glitch in the DMV records

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