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Child Custody-My Grandmother has my children

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I currently have two children whom my grandmother has petitioned the Family Court in Manhattan for custody of my children and currently has temporary custody. She claims that my boy friend is a threat to the children because we had a past incident of Domestic Violence. This was 2.5 years ago. We had a court date last week where the judge was going to try and settle until the children's attorney brought up the fact that my boyfriend lives with me. So the judge decided that since we can't settle in a conference, then we are going to trial in January. My court appointed attorney has been no help to me and it seems like he does not understand anything I tell him. He is not fighting for me at all and has NEVER even met with me in his office.

I am desperate at this point because I really don't have any money. I'm currently on worker's compensation from a broken wrist and have nerve damage in my hand so I don't know when/if I will be going back to work. I don't want my boyfriend to leave as we are planning on getting married. He's never ever harmed my children in any way. My grandmother is racist because he's African American and I'm white. My other concern is that my grandfather lives in her home and he has Alzheimer's. He has gotten violent at times because he doesn't remember things or how to behave. Please, if anyone can offer any advice, I would appreciate it. I had one attorney tell me to file a petition for custody but unless I paid him $2500 he would not tell me how I should word it. At this point I am DESPERATE! Thanks!

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