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:angry: i moved into my apt going on a year bathroom ceiling has falling in 3 times, for some reason they cant seem to fix it right..each time it has falling, it has taken them about a week to get over here to even LOOK at it, this time it has almost been 2 weeks...plz tell me what i need to do...this time when it fell, it ruined my chest, (the water and sheet rock laid on it) is coming from the apt above me....i live in west Memphis AR..o ya and another thing, the maintenance man he scares..he use to pull up and start cussing and yelling,now that my husband no longer lives here he ha been hitting on me and am VERY VERY uncomfort around him...alot of us single ladies are.... :angry:

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In any future posts, please make an effort to use something that resembles proper capitalization and punctuation. Doing so will make it easier for others to read and understand what you write.

plz tell me what i need to do.

I don't understand the question. You don't "need to do" anything. What do you want to do?

I also don't understand the point of your comments about the maintenance guy.

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