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Tow truck damaged rear

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My son's cobalt was towed this morning. (Sunday) Over $300 charges - he traveled about 15 miles to get it and 15 miles to our house.

It was stuck in the mud. We had not brought him the keys yet. By the time my son got there the tow truck man had the car pulled out and on back.

My son noticed the right rear looked pulled out of place and then later he drove the car. A heavy vibration.

He looked under the rear and saw the rip... about an arms length -ripped straight through the metal!

The damage to the vehicle from 'accident' was the front headlight that hit the fence - and then stuck in mud.

He will call his insurance agency tomorrow to have someone come look at the vehicle damage.

Also, my daughter called Tow company to let them know my son was on his way to the car with the key, but the told her the tow man was already out there. My son got there and he had the car already on the back of the tow truck.

Why did they do this? Without taking car out of park? Why would he carelessing put a rip under the car?

Can they be responsible for fixing it now?

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