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Auto Scam

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I live in houston texas and i recently trief to purchase a vehicle. This car dealership claimed to have a deal where you could split your down payment up. My mother and i first question to the salesman was do you have to finance through a bank because i have only been on my job a week. The guy was saying no we dont go through a bank on all of our vehicles it just depends. My mom then stated she would cosign for me. The salesman stated dont worry about cosigning because i can make it like she has been there six months and i will show her what car she can get approved for without the bank. The first vehicle i did not like but the second one was a 2007 mitsubishi outlander. So i told him i liked that one and he was saying ok i got my manager to agree and we are having a special anyway. I had $1000 cash and a check that equaled 350.00. The guy was like so you cant cash the checks and i stated no places are closed it was already so late. So the guy supposidly checked it over with his boss and was like ok ms. My boss normally doesnt do this but he has agreed to let you bring the 500.00 back next week and leave the 1000 now. I agreed but he brought out a contract stating if i dont bring the 500.00 back then i will have lost 50/day and .51 per mile and 450.00 restocking fee. I signed because i knew i would bring the money back as promised. On monday the dealership called repeatedly for me to bring the money unless they would repo. So even though my job wasnt any where near the dealer i didnt want to lose my money or the SUV. So i went on break and when i returned from break 30 mins late i lost my job due to trying to get the money to the dealer. I paid 350.00 monday and had to bring the 150 tuesday. On tuesday i brought the payment and they started to tell me about the 60 for insurance and proof of income etc. So i had to hurry and get that completed before they closed. When i returned the guy proceeded to tell me the bank wouldnt approve me and they have to take the vehicle. I asked for the name of bank would not disclose it...and out of the 1500 i put down gave me 630 back. Then when iasked about my full refund they told me you knew about the restocking fees etc. The contract stated if i broke the agreement with bringing back the 500 thats when i would pay those fees. Please tell me is this legal. Thanks.

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