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I live in a townhome in Texas. According to HOA they are responsible for maintenance of the roof. I have lived in my home for approximately 10 years. Several months ago I noticed an odor in my master bedroom and bath. I thought that there might be a problem with my shower so I proceeded to remove all of the caulking so I could recaulk it. I came home one day to find that a hole in my living room ceiling directly beneath my master and there was water leaking from it. I went upstairs to check if the shower was leaking and discovered that it was my roof. I immediately contacted the HOA and they said they would send someone once the rain stopped. They did come and patch the hole. I am concerned that there may be interior damage or mold in there due to the odors I had previously noticed. When they patched the hole they threw down a bunch of debris that had been covering the hole. In my ten years here they have never cleaned or done any repairs to my roof. Due to their neglect I want to make sure there is no interior damage to my home. I understand that under normal circumstances they would not be responsible but this is not normal. They know that these roofs have been through a hurricane as well as a severe drought and didn't check them. Thank you for any information you can provide!!!

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