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acquire bank loan debt without having signed

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From what I can figure out, my husband applied for a loan from a local bank and received some money in 2008. I did at times notice that he was getting mail in his name only asking for payment of the "loan" (I am guessing that is what it was and not an account that went bad). He then began getting letters from a law firm in his name only, when I asked him he said that they were trying to get money that was NOT owed to them and that the bank was trying to rip him off. I didn't pay attention because it didn't have my name on it and I had absolutely NOTHING to do with it. On Friday, August 31, 2012 court papers came from the county in which the bank was located. It caught my attention because it now had MY name on it also. (it also had a wrong address but it still got to us because we live in a small town) I opened it and it was an application for garnishment from checking accounts for :

my husbands name and/or my name.

It has my social security number on it...which I NEVER supplied in any paperwork to the bank and I NEVER signed anything requesting money from this bank. (I never banked at this bank because I consider them to be "milkers" of their customers) I have NO knowledge of any of this. I have been told that my husband would never be allowed to provide my name and social security to secure a loan unless I was there and signed for it..I know that NOT to be true...he has done it at least three times in our marriage with major money loaning companies. Yes, he signed my name to paperwork and it went through making me responsible. (what was I to do press charges..I just payed the debt)

My question is..am I responsible in Missouri for any debt my husband gets into simply because we are married. How were they able to add my name to the garnishment without me even being on the original "loaning" document? And, as far as garnishing my bank account..my husband is NOT on my account and has NEVER been. We DO NOT HAVE A JOINT ACCOUNT for this reason...my husband is an idiot when it comes to money and I would get a divorce if it wasn't so expensive. And, I don't even like to think about the damage to my credit because he does not consider paying bills a priority.

I pay my share and then some...he pays his portion only when it is convenient...house payment included.

What should I do about this judgement and other bills he pays whenever he feels like it...does being married just screw me basically?

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