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buying non-street legal vehicles

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i am new to this site and i think its pretty good when u need information about laws but i cannot find my answer to a simple question for a pocketbike i was going to buy

i am going to buy a pocketbike soon but theres a little problem

i do NOT have my license yet and cant get one for a while

i have looked up florida's law on motorcycles and it pretty much said u cant get in trouble for riding anything under 50cc but 50cc bikes are crap. they go like 30mph wich i dont like

is this cc law true? because i really want the 150cc one but i dont want any cops messin wit me about it and not having a liscense and operating a vehicle

also, if it has mirrors, turn signals, etc does that make it street legal even tho it wont be plated? and do i need a liscense to drive anything over 50cc... sorry for posting in the section if its in the wrong place please move it but i could not find anywhere else to put this.. thanks

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