already been to court with neighbor over fence, now what?

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Long story short, my bully neighbor (calls me F-whore, bands doors and walls all because I stopped talking to her because she would not get her 9 dogs to stop barking and pick up poop in the back yard.)

1. told me she would be taking down the fence I put up and replacing it with a sturdier one and moving it to where she was told the property line was. (She didn't have a survey when she said that. I did and I knew she was wrong) She lied in writing about what the code enforcement officer told her that's how big a bully she thinks she is. My fence was about 5 yrs old and she lived there when I put it up. She didn't have a problem with it then and I didn't ask her for any $. Her dogs have been banging up against it that's why it's not sturdy, they've broken it three times. My boyfriend just kept fixing it.

2. I responded in writing but she took parts of my fence down anyway. She took down two and a half sections (approx 20 ') and cut two posts at ground level. She literally cut my fence in half and then proceeded to put her new fence up behind the rest of mine anyway. So really there was no need to touch my fence in the first place. I think her fence company did that because of a wooden planter she has in the rear of her yard.

3. I filed a civil suit for the replacement cost of my fence, $1500.00 and subpeona'ed the Code enforcement officer to attend. she responded saying she would defend herself. She didn't show up and I won by default.

4. She appealed so I then had 30 days to submit a written complaint, which I did and she then had 30 days to answer. She did not. I sent her a 10 day notice and on the 11th day filed judgment against her . I filed a writ and the sheriff's office was over there in 3 days, she denied them entry and that was all they did. I paid $160.00 for them to make a house call! I did get $95 back because they didn't collect anything but still..........what a waste of time. They don't try a second time. Seems like she's got all the rights and I'm a piece of S_ _ T.

5. She then filed a 'petition to open a default judgment' stating I was trying to profit from her because I said in my response that I was going to take my fence down anyway. What she missed was the rest of that line where it said ' I was waiting for it to break!' I filed my answer and requested Oral arguement, got a court date and was all set to go. Took another day off from work for this and was 7 minutes late for court because I got stuck in the elevator. As I walked into the court room, the judge said two or three more sentences, got up and left. My neighbor didn't look happy on the way out. I told the court clerk who I was, told her I got stuck in the elevator and she said the judge would render a decision in a few days through the mail. It came today, It states I failed to appear and therefore, her petition is granted and default judgment is opened.

NOW WHAT? I can't get a lawyer interested in this because of the $$ amount and I have no idea what to do. I don't find the people at the court house very helpful. Can I appeal? Is it worth it? I live in Montgomery county Pa.

I've called the police on this women several times but all that ever happens is they give her a warning. They've asked her to leave me alone and go about her life but she doesn't have one and I'm the center of everything that goes wrong. We live in a twin and she's over there right now slamming every door she can find. I knew this was going to happen whether I won or lost so I was between a rock and a hard place the whole time. What should I do????? Anyone want to switch houses? I could move but would anyone buy a house next to 9 barking dogs, a bad smelling back yard and a spite wall up between the front porches? I WOULDN"T

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