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Intense Construction NOISE in the Nashua, NH area..

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Address: *******, Nashua, NH 03062

Problem: A large scale construction project has started about two months ago , about 500 feet from residential apartment complex and it is causing a INTENSE of industrial sized noise in the Area, heavy banging, machines constantly rolling rocks and sand, non-stop for about 12hours a day. This has resulted in constant ringing on the construction machines ringing my ear and brain even after the construction hours are over at 7pm. The works starts at around 7am to 7pm, total of 12hours constant intense noise, along with huge truck and heavy equipment noise. Apartment complex we are living in have no lease and finding a new apartment for the same rent without lease is harder (non-existant) in the area. Since this constant noise is a serious health hazard to those who are directly facing the construction site. Impact of this has been sleep depravation, loss of concentration and focus, off-hours noise still rings in the ear and brain despite the noise has stopped after 7pm.

Is there any lawsuit that can be filed against the company to compensate for those who are directly facing the construction site ?

Thanks for the response..

- star.x

[This post has been edited to remove personal or identifying information. -Moderator]

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