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Hotel charged my credit card 1month afte

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I live in GA. I stayed at a ***** for a week. I paid daily. sometimes cash, sometimes debit. I had a complaint from my 1st day ( there was no fridge or microwave in room) & I paid for that. received them the next day. When I checked out 7 days later, the mgr gave me 7$ & change refund for that 1st night. I was paid in full. They lock u out if u dont pay in advance. Anyways, exactly 1 month later, I had a 47$ charge by the hotel on my debit card. it caused 2 checks to bounce & 35$ for each. I tried 4 days to. contact the hotel mgr. Never got her or a call back. I fialed a dispute with my bank. Cancelled that card & had to wait a week for a new one. I then contacted the corporate office, finance dept for the hotel. They showed no record of the charge. I missed 2 days of work dealing with this ( i work 2hrs away all day everyday. Had to have my bank fax them my transaction summary. was told they would investigate from both of them; bank & hotel corporate. Both came back with it was a legite charge unless I could prove not. I had all receipts, & I moved to an apt 5 days b4 it was charged. hotel said they made an error in my billing a month later. no-one contacted me, sent a letter, nothing if that was the case. which my receipts showed daily rate, daily pay. what gave them the right to charge my card without my permission? If I did owe it, I had the choice of payment type.


PLEASE HELP ME! I closed that account, its still overdrawn & im still paying on the bounced checks.


What can I do or who do I contact?

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