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Felony Theft

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I live in Louisiana, and I moved back here after 20+ years. I was arrested for a felony theft warrant from 1988. In 1989 I was stopped for a traffic ticket, and was held for 2 days, and then released. I am not sure if there was a refusal to extradite, but I never heard anything else about it.

I have had several background checks for work over the years, and nothing has ever showed up, I went into local police station recently to check on the situation of my son, and found out that I had a felony warrant after 20+ years. I was arrested. I am out on bail, but I was told that the file could not be found. The Judge that issued the warrant, is deceased, and the detective that was investigating the case is no longer around.

I want to know what should do to protect my reputation?

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The most anybody here will be able to tell you, since we don't have access to the files, is that you would be well advised to consult a local criminal defense attorney to help you figure out what, if anything, you can or need to do in order to resolve the outstanding issues.

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