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Department of Rehab.

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I was injured in a job related accident many years ago. I was referred to the Department of Rehabilitation of California. The Department of Rehabilitation has continued to stonewall me at every turn. I have a hearing lose from the accident. My counselor and I had a formal plan drawn up. The Department of Rehab. have not lived up to their part of the agreement, with funding for school or books.

I lost one of my hearing aids because it was not working so I removed it and it fell out of my pocket. They refuse to replace it. It has been over six years since I came to the program and have progressed little. In what appeared to be a cost saving measure I was dropped. Mr. ***** (My counselor) claim that the reason was for "none contact". When the truth is Mr. **** is deaf and needs an interpreter and is only available on certain days. On other days he has no one to interpret. He does not return phone calls or correspondence by mail. The paper work that is sent to me is often request for information sent earlier (an obvious delaying tactic). I have since been reactivated and had a conference with his supervisor. I was assured that matters would get better and to give him another chance. I have but nothing has changed and time is passing by with no progress.

My schooling and training has not taken place. I enrolled at a local junior college. At 54 I have been forced to move in with my parents. and have no money for books, food, gas, clothing or living. The Department of Rehabilitation continues to pooh pooh me while delivering nothing. Mr Ellison will be out of the office for the next month on vacation and has also been promoted to "Senior Counselor" while not providing any service to people trying to reenter the work force.

I need help with this matter any help would be greatly appreciated.

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edited to remove personal or identifying information. -Moderator]

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