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I sprained my back, shoulder and neck because a window at work was on the wrong track. When I tried to open it to start work it fell out. I was trying to keep it from falling in front of oncoming traffic. I could not because it was too heavy. This was in a parking garage booth at ***** in San Francisco, CA. I called the office for assistance and received none. I went to the medical clinic. Several work restrictions were placed by the doctor. The HR at my job has butted in with my doctor's office. Calling several times and lying about my job status. She has even called the doctor and begged him not to put me out on worker's comp. She told him it was my stress making me worse. I have been waiting 6 weeks for approval of physical therapy. There have been 3 different claims adjusters. It's a shell game. It had created a hostile work environment because the other employees had to do my job while I just sat there. Then the company came up with a worse job for me. The HR called the doctor's office about the modifications. Not my doctor, a different one. She lied about work duties and then had him change my status which made my injury worse. She has hampered my recovery. She has had the other employees turn against me. I am a Lead Shop Steward with the Union. This is one reason they have done this. I am finally getting to see a specialist. They have designated one 45 minutes away from my home, knowing I don't drive. There is much more. What recourse do I have? My doctor at the medical clinic has stated he has never seen anything like this in his career. He stated they "have put up so many roadblocks".

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