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inmate law

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I live in Oklahoma.

Where can I find laws regarding medical care of county jail inmates? Inmates that have not yet been to trail they have just been arrested and awaiting bail.....Also if it is determined that medical care was denied and it resulted in heart failure what kind of attorney do you hire? civil rights? criminal? What would the charges be against the county?

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I will address your concerns in the order you presented them:

  1. County

    jail inmates are housed and under the supervision of the County

    Sheriffs Office. The Sheriff is responsible for the care and supervision

    of all inmates. There wont be any specific laws regarding their care,

    only regulations that are promulgated by the Oklahoma Department of Corrections. I have included the relevant code policy and operations section for your review. (You didn't provide your respective

    city/county so I cannot be more specific as to that specific jails'

    unique policy.)

  2. You would hire a personal injury lawyer,

    unless you specifically know that there is some civil right being

    violated which then you might want to look at an attorney with

    experience litigating constitutional/civil rights claims.

  3. Attorneys don't file charges against people and neither do citizens. That is the role of the District Attorney or the Prosecutors office.

    People file complaints with the police who investigate and make any

    necessary arrests. In addition, people are free to go to the district

    attorney/prosecutor themselves and state their case, but you do not have

    any influence whether charges are filed. Attorneys file what are called

    civil complaints claiming among other things a breach of some duty

    under Tort Law or possibly a violation of a right under some constitutional.

Although not a lawyer referral service, please feel free to consult the FindLaw Oklahoma Personal Injury Attorney Directory. Good luck.

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