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16 year old rights

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My 16 year old grand daughter lives with me most of the time. She calls this her home. She has her own bedroom and so does her 12 year old sister. But her sisters father is my 16 year olds step father. Her Mother and step father live with his mother. Step father has not worked much in the 15 years they have been married and so they get kick out of places often and do not pay storage payments so they have lost everything many times.

The step father has other children and owes back child support. My daughter got a small settlement for an injury and so they are looking for a house or apartment. They say my granddaughter has to live with them when they get a place. She does not want to. She is tired of loosing everything time and time again.

Her step father does not treat her the same as the 12 year old. My 16 year olds friends have told me to get her away from him. He does not beat her but it is mental and verbal abuse. My daughter has left him a few times but keeps going back.

What rights does she have? Can she stay with me and her grandfather? And just visit them?

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