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Suing DSS in North Carolina

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My family and I live in North Carolina. Last year DSS ( Department of Social Service ) took our 2 kids on false allegations that was made by our oldest daughter. Since going to court all this time there have been know finding of the abuse she claimed and also the court trail has been dropped as of this year. We do have alot of proof of all the wrong doings by DSS and also others, that we have served a Tort of Claims to them that we will be suing in Federal Court.

Now we have been looking for a Pro-Bono Lawyer or a Law Student to help us write up the Pro-se for Federal Court here in North Carolina,but having a very hard time finding one. Would like to know where we might be able to find the help we are needing

Here is one of our proofs that we do have a case is to where DSS had our son go to a health center and they determined him to be ADHD and had him put on medication. Now this was all done over a computer screen with a PA ( Physicians assistant ) and a collage student.

We also just got back our son last month in March. That we took him to go and see a therapist to see weather he was ADHD or not. And the therapist found know findings of him being ADHD. Now our son will be going next month in May to see a doctor to see what he has to say.

Thank you for any help you might be able to give us..

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