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The retention schedule of patient records varies depending on the age of the patient and the type of medical facility. In general, for adult medical records the retention schedule for a public medical facilities is 7 years after the patient's last visit and 5 years for private facilities. For minors in public medical facilities, records for children under one year are kept until their 8th birthday. Children under the care of a public nursing home provider have their records retained until they reach 24 years old or 7 years after the last visit (which ever is longer). In the case of a minor at a private facility, the 5 year retention begins at the age of majority.

Keep in mind that these are minimum requirements and there may be other laws requiring the facilities to maintain the records longer.

In the case of a physician dying, quitting or moving, there are requirements for notice of such so that patients are able to have their records transferred to another physician. This length of time can be fairly short.

There are disciplinary actions and fines for failure to maintain records.

Below are several resources on medical record retention for Florida:

You can can always consult with a local health care attorney (FindLaw Lawyer Directory) for more specific information about medical record retention requirements.

Good luck.

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