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who owns my vehicle??

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I purchaced a used vehicle. the vehicle had to have several repairs and the used car dealer that sold the vehicle to me gave me a verbal 30 day guarentee on any mechanical defects and told me that he would fix any issues with the car. I have given them the money for the vehicle but they have not fixed the issues as we agreed. I would not have "purchased" this vehicle if they had not given me these guarentees. The final sales paperwork has not been completed yet they have cashed my check from the credit union that I used as a loan for this vehicle. Now I am on the hook to my credit union. Can a verbal agreement of this kind stand up in court if it should go to that? Can I return the vehicle and get my money back? or am I screwed? Who technically owns my vehicle if the title work hasn't been processed? All I have is a hand written bill of sale?

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