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Pro Bono Lawyers

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Hello, I was sued and lost in court (I was Pro Se) against a person who claimed I libeled and slandered her and she lost money because of it. The plaintiff is a liar and a lunatic who is just continually suing me for something. The plaintiff has spent probably close to $75,000 on attorneys fees to file vexatious suits against me in the last five years.

I cannot afford a lawyer. I recently went before a Judge to state my case as to why I wanted the final judgment relieved, and he said I had a compelling case however, I didn't follow the rules of the court and therefore he dismissed my motion without prejudice. I have proof that the Plaintiff perjured herself on the stand several time (and in other court battles...but that is another story).

I need to find a lawyer who will take on my case Pro Bono, file a counter suit against this woman and clear my good name. I am a single mother of 3 girls, a cancer survivor and an honest hardworking citizen. I need help. Does anyone out there know of an attorney that does this type of work in NJ?

Thank you for your reply.

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