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Can i Renew permanent resident card?

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Im a 35 year old male, been in the United States for 20 years with a permanent resident card and i live in greeley, colorado (weld county). In november of 2008 i gave a ride to a person who had just killed someone, but i had no idea what he had done. Police issued a warrant for my arrest, they charged me with accesory to a second degree murder. i turned myself in, since i had nothing to do with it. i posted bail and got out in less than an hour. i went thru the whole court prosses and i pleaed guilty in the plea bargaining step. ( to a level 5 felony) and they gave me 2 year probation. in august 2011 my green card expires and i need to renew it and i asked a few lawyers if there is any chance of lossing my green card because of that level 5 felony and they all answer differently. i really need to know what can happen, if i can get the renewal denied or ill be ok? is pleading guilty in the plea bargaing being convicted or not? as i understand if you been convicted of a felony your status as an alien in the united states might also be affected or might be denied tge right to hold public office.

****** if it helps, i am a first time offender, and they gave me the right to seal my case after completing my probation.

thank you so much in advance.

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