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10 year ban

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My husband got a 10 year ban for to many ewi.We have two children together and i have a daughter from a previous relationship.He is in mexico.I am here in the us.I am a citizen and all the children are as well.I can not move to mexico because of my daughter father.Is there any thing i can do to get my husband a waiver.Please help.

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Well, you have to petition for him with an I-130 and then once that is approved, he applies for the green card at the consulate in Juarez where they will require him to file an extreme hardship waiver. There are many factors that go into the extreme hardship determination, and you have to lay out evidence to prove each factor. The hardship is to you, the U.S. citizen wife. Obviously, a lawyer is highly recommended to do it professionally for you to maximize the likelihood of success. Read my blog article about this topic.

Larry L. Doan, Esq.

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