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Employment Authorization

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Please, I need to know wheather I can have my employment authorization without having to pay for it... I am cuban and have been paroled for two years... I have an appeareance at the inmigration court in Las Vegas next month and I dont know if they would grant any possibility of having it... I have met other cubans that have become refugees by coming through border entries and haven't had to pay for theirs... I am here with my wife and my son and don't have many financial possibilities that's why I try to do things as economically as possible...

Is it possible that the inmigration court would ever grant us the right to have our employment authorizations without major costs???

Thank you,

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Yes, you can file for a fee waiver of the $340 filing fee per person for employment authorization.

But that involves some work. You have to follow the instructions and fill out a budget form, showing what your monthly income and expenses are. Only if you have little income will the fee waiver be granted.

It seems to me your more immediate problem, however, is to get a good immigration attorney in removal proceedings in Vegas to defend you, if you don't have one already. Good attorneys cost money.

Larry L. Doan, Esq.

Be sure to visit my blog - http://GuruImmigration.wordpress.com

www.GuruImmigration.com (click on Contact Us)

Note: The above response is provided for legal information only and should

not be construed as legal advice, nor to create an attorney-client

relationship, which can only be established through payment of

consideration. We do not offer free advice except for the information provided herein on FindLaw Answers which has

been screened. If follow-up advice on your specific situation is

desired, please visit my website www.GuruImmigration.com for more details.

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