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my military spouse

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hello, just would like to know if you guys can help my husband gain citizenship. he is currently serving in iraq as a member of the army. he came to this country on 1975 he was 16yrs old but his mom did not gain citizenship until a few months after he came to this country, but never applied for his citizenship through her. he is a green card holder. Since then in 2005 he was charged with a felony act for mariuana trafficking in new mexico. apparently it falls under an aggravated crime so he was denied his citizenship by ins . He had received 18mths probation which he completes without any other problems with the law. He has only then show a good character as a us non- citizens which immigration mention. is there any way you could help him to get his citizens since he is also a member of the military service serving his country and likes it alot. thanks for your help .


Cassie parker

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I don't think there's a way of overcoming the ground of felony drug trafficking, which is an "aggravated felony" under the immigration law. He's lucky they have not even initiated removal proceedings against him (yes, green card holders can be removed from the U.S. when they commit serious enough crimes). Military service is a positive factor but, unfortunately, does not overcome this very negative factor.

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