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Hello! I have been looking for some help for quite some time on a specific issue that has kept a case in limbo for 4 years, any advice anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated! So here is the background...

4 years ago my father was at work in the construction field (an industry he has worked for 30+yrs) and he was asked to move some sort of soil. Later that same night my father woke up and his skin was completely inflammed and his hands and feet were swollen to the point he could not even put on shoes. He told his supervisor of the injury and said he thought it was from the soil he moved the day before. He mentioned that he noticed it smelled funny and made his eyes water and burn. My father told his supervisor and union reps of the injury and nothing was ever done thru workers comp. As a result my father's skin literally began to fall of and peel to expose the raw flesh underneath (in no way am I being sarcastic!) He started to see numerous doctors (all which was paid through my mother's insurance-not workers comp) and the tested the soil and found that their was some contamination in the soil my father moved. They also discovered my father is now allergic to chromium (which is in everything--soap, detergent, leather) he has a packet of about 100pages of items he can not use or touch because it contains chromium. Prior to this happening my father was completely healthy and never once missed a day of work, he continued to try to work but whenever he returned to work it would flare up causing his skin to fall off again.

Workers comp finally got involved 2yrs later once his doctor wrote a letter stating that his injury was work related. They then made my father see there doctors and their doctors determined that my father has a 25% disability of the whole person, and can no longer work in the construction industry. He has never been compensated for anything. He collected unemployment because he could not work but that ran out and has been out of work for 2yrs because he continues to have flares when his skin in peeling.

Now my questions are in all my research in the AMA books, there is no rating for the whole person and no rating for the skin. How does this get rated? What should we do? Is there something that can be done because of the contaminated soil or just the permanent injury?

I know this is a lot of information and you may need more details, but please feel free to ask. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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