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"Is there any way to look up the last will of a deceased on line?"

Depends on who the deceased party is. For example, I know Michael Jackson's will is available online. The wills of most non-celebrities, however, are not available online.

"If not how do I go about finding it."

In the abstract, we have no way of knowing how you might get a copy of your grandmother's will. First of all, do you know for sure that your grandmother had a will? If so, how do you know that? The answer to that question may suggest the starting point for your search. Also, how long ago did she die? The answer to that question might limit where and how you'd search. For example, my maternal grandfather died in the 1940s, my maternal grandmother died sometime in the early or mid-1970s, and both of their children are deceased. Therefore, if I wanted to find either of their wills (if they made wills), I'd go to the probate courts in the areas where they lived at the times of their deaths and see if a probate action was filed for either or both of them. If that didn't work, I wouldn't have a clue where else to look. On the other hand, if your grandmother died more recently, and depending on who survived her, you could inquire of your grandfather or one of your grandmother's children.

If you're thinking wills are filed or recorded in some universal place, that's not the case.

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The counties of many states DO have an online search capability available, but other counties don't. If you know the county of the city where the decedent died, do a search engine search for that county, plus the words probate court, to see if there is an online link for that particular Alabama county. If there is no link you will have to call or write to the probate court to make your inquiry.

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