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Car Crash

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I was in a car crash last week in MA.

I was driving my 9 month old 2010 Nissan Altima on a busy road behind a Buick at 35mph in 40 mph zone.

The car in front of me (Buick) crashed into the car in front of it (Ford Explorer).

Upon seeing the Buick skid, as it tried to brake, I hit my brake hard too.

I swayed towards the median to avoid collision and saw the Buick smash its Front right side and jolt back.

As the Buick jolted back from the impact, its left rear corner collided with my right fender.

The cop gave me a $20 citation for "care in stopping" (worth 2 points). He said "you should have been able to stop your car no mater what happened to the car in front of you"

I want to fight this ticket. The surchargeable event will ANYWAY bump my insurance premium. The additional points from this ticket is like another fine for the same incident.

Please advise what can I do here.

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It's not clear what you expect folks to say. You're free to argue that you weren't following too closely given the relative speeds of the cars and that there was no way to anticipate his car doing X or Y and no way to avoid it. Either the court sides with you or it doesn't.

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vrroom said...

My question is: Given the circumstance of the crash and the double

points for teh same event, would you recommend me to hire an attorney to

fight this ticket?

Ultimately, what you'll need to do here is weigh your costs. The cost of hiring an attorney (and possibly prevailing) versus not. Also consider the cost of hiring an attorney and not prevailing.

To do that, you'll need to get an idea of how much it would cost to hire an attorney to fight the ticket. To do that, I would recommend contacting a few by taking advantage of the free consultations that many Massachusetts traffic ticket attorneys listed in the FindLaw Directory offer. You can discuss not only costs but also the strength of your case.

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