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car crash

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the in question is michigan.

my name is wanda , my daughter at the time used my car to go to the store. in the process of that, she was hit from the back of my car. mind you my insurance had expired and i was not in the vehicle.

the police was called on the scene by the other driver and they claimed that my daughter hit them first.

the police gave no tickets but took both sides of story . my daughter nor myself had to appear before a judge for no insurance. i'm not saying that it was right but in all this the hitter of my car is suing me for damages . my car was hit and totaled meaning no good. what can be done.

w** j**

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micahwilbe6 said...

what can be done.

What do you want to do?

If you're asking in regards to the suit for damages to the vehicle, you have a few options. You can choose not to defend, let the plaintiff get a default judgment and seek payment from you or seek to garnish your wages/bank account or attach a lien to your property. You can also choose to defend yourself in court. You might even want to consider counter-suing the plaintiff for damages incurred to your vehicle depending on the circumstances. You might also consider speaking with the plaintiff directly to try to work out a settlement out of court.

It might be in your interest to speak with a local Michigan attorney who can advise you appropriately on your options in light of the facts. You can speak with a Michigan attorney using by taking advantage of the free consultations that many lawyers listed in the FindLaw Directory offer. Best of luck.

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