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Hi i am new here but I have an issue that is bothering me and need help with. I live in Michigan. My neighbor has an old rabbit hutch on his side of the fence that they don't use any longer. They have not cleaned it out and it smells really bad. They don't go into their yard much so I didn't think they knew about how it smelled. So one day I went and asked them "could you please clean it out because is smelled really bad and my ggrandchildren played in the grass area on our side". They replied that that is why they don't go out in their fenced part much because they didn't like the smell. We also have a bad fly problem because of it. I don't like to go out on our deck because of it. We just bought the house in February and don't want this to be the same next summer. What do I do?

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Do you think your neighbor's inaction constitutes a private or public nuisance? Lawsuits regarding nuisance generally are brought for the property owner's interest or the general public's interest.

There are two basic types of nuisance suits. These are private and

public nuisance actions. A private nuisance means there has been a loss

of the use or enjoyment of property without an actual physical invasion

of that property. A public nuisance is one that has more affects the health, safety, welfare, or

comfort of the public in general.

Here are some links to resources for you:

Good luck.

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