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Hit and Run on car with Legal Issues

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My car was hit head on while parked the other night ago. I went to it in the morning, found the wreck, and found a note. The note had a name, maybe a plate number and maybe a driver's license number.. though that looked to be a digit short. i tried to track down the name.. but have had no luck.

the car is registered in montana and i have an MT driver's license. I have lived in CA for 2 years and not registered here yet. The car has also been uninsured for sometime. I've never been cited for either (luck i guess) but now i'm stuck in a pickle.

what i need to getting a better understanding of is: what will happen if i go to the police. I understand that the info left could easily be fake.. and the police might not be able to do anything.. but are they going to bust me for the registration, and insurance.. though in that parked state its rather legal?

obviously some have told me to fib my way through.. that i'm in between moving. i'm not a good fibber.. and would be worried bout getting caught and and the entire book thrown at my issues.

a cop friend told me that i'd be a fool to report this hit and run given my illegality. he said that the sum total of my fines could easily be $5000.

the car could most likely be fixed for less.

do i run the risk or count it as a loss and never put myself if this pickle again?


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