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Parking Lot Incident

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I gave my car over to an employee of an event for valet parking. He returned with claim ticket.; he said nothing about any incidents in the valet line. An hour later another employee returned to me to tell me that someone had backed into my vehicle, which he informed was not damaged but that I needed to give him my license, insurance and registration so he could complete an incident report...that it was the policy of the eventing group to include this in an incident report.

In the meantime I was informed by another employee that the man who had backed into my car was now claiming he was injured and wanted to pursue a claim and that he would go to the hospital the next day.

After the event, the manager returned demanding all my information. My contention was that he did not need this since my vehicle had been in park at the time of the accident and since his employee was in possession of my vehicle that his insurance should take care of any charges. I declined to give him my information.

He insisted. I informed that I would only give the information to a police officer. He returned with a deputy of the local sheriff's office who was in uniform and identified himself as Deputy SoandSo. I asked if I was required to furnish my drivers license to a third party. The deputy repeated that I had to give him (the deputy) my license. The club manager broke in and insisted saying it was club policy. I told the deputy I would give him (the deputy) my license if I was legally required to do so. He repeated his demand for my license. I handed it to him. The deputy glanced at it and simply handed it over to the club manager and said "Don't worry, I can get her registration and insurance information from her license."

The club manager took all information before handing my license to the deputy who returned it to me before walking off.

I asked for a copy of the incident report and was told it was a club report and might or might not be available to me. I asked for the information on the other driver and to see the alleged damages to his vehicle. I was told this information would not be available to me. I asked again to see the other vehicle. My requests were ignored.

Before leaving, I made one more attempt to get information about when and where the incident report would be available. The club manager laughed and said "Hey it's not a big deal. His insurance company will contact your insurance company and they'll work it out." I again repeated my assertion that since the vehicle was under the control of his employee, that it should be his insurance company, not mine. H drove off in his golf cart after making a snide comment.

My questions:

(1) Was the deputy's demand a lawful one? (Can a deputy demand production of license on behalf of a third party to facilitate his complying with a company policy?)

(2) Am I entitled to a copy of the incident report (not a police report)?

(3) What more should I do to protect myself and my insurance company from what I fear may be a fraudulent claim?

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Thank you for posting to FindLaw Answers. You can check FindLaw's Learn About the Law page to research different topics of law. Since laws vary depending upon jurisdiction, please provide a little more background including your state.

You can also continue your research using the links below:

Good luck.

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