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insurance on non op vehicle after accide

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I am a diabetic and on an insulin pump. On occasion my blood sugar has dropped dangerously low, so low in fact that I have blacked out. In October it had dropped very low and and I don't remember putting on my shoes and leaving my house. I don't remember getting into my truck and driving down the road! I don't remember anything until which time I went off the road and rolled my truck . Thank God that no one was injured and the only damage was to my truck which now sits inoperable on the side of my house as a constant reminder of what I have no memory of happening.

A few days after the accident I received a ticket and a summons to appear in court for no mandatory insurance. When I went to appear in court the court clerk told me that I would have to provide proof of insurance and the fine would be reduced from $900 down to $300. I told the clerk that the vehicle is inoperable and would be for quite some time and asked if I would still be required to get the insurance. She then proceeded to inform me that I not only needed to get a policy but it needed to be a policy for no less than months of coverage.

I don't understand why I have to provide a 6 month policy let alone any policy if the vehicle is not operational and won't be for quite sometime and I am no longer driving .

Does anyone know why or what I can do?

Oh I am a resident of Arizona (in case that would be useful information to have)

Thanks so much for taking the time to reply to this post.

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