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contested temp. guardian of minor

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how can a judge in probate court,give temporary guardianship of a minor with no real reason,or proof it is necessary. My child has been with me all her life.There are no criminal history involved on my part. No cps case and I might add there is a domestic violence order to stay away in place,to protect us. So an existing custody order and case was in effect in family court at the time the grandmother opened this case in probate court. her son had no rights to child at the time,and I was a very involved mother,with school ect... Now I have been isolated from her. This makes no sense. The father has a long criminal history and child endangerment. Probation terms state he cannot change any custody orders until a certain date. The judge allowed him to file for custody in probate court during this time. What is going on. Lilsmom in Calif.

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