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Non compliance of a court order

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My husband's first marriage was bifurcated in April 2005 and his MSA was settled in August 2006. In the terms and conditions of the MSA his EX was supposed to file an amendment to the Guardianship Infant Act in Singapore to limit the terms of the Singapore GIA order to child custody care and control of the minor child. She was also mandated to modify the provisions of the Singapore GIA order that related to child support, spousal support and settlement of arrears and credits. They were both supposed to draw up a "parenting plan" and the terms of the parenting plans be submitted to the Singapore Court and included in the modified Singapore GIA order. Then the modified Singapore GIA order is to be registered as an Out-Of-State Custody Order in San Mateo County, California. To date she has not complied with the mandate of the MSA terms despite several reminders to comply from my husband. Would she be considered in contempt of court and how should we proceed to ensure the Singapore Family Court is aware of this California ruling?

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