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Verbal 30 Day Notice

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I live in California, and my one year lease on my apartment was up this January. On March first, I VERBALLY gave my 30 day notice to my landlord, while I was giving the rent check for the month of March. My landlord CONFIRMED, AND ACKNOWLEDGE my 30day notice, and then stated during our conversation, how she noticed I stayed past my lease (last part irrelevant I know). Also, two weeks ago on the 11th, my wife called the rental office, as a courtesy, of the repairs that were needed within the apt we inhabited, to help them out, and well, my wife has manners. My point is, I received a letter today, stating I OWE THIRTY MORE DAYS OF RENT!??? And how I NEVER gave a 30 day notice...????? I'm also being threatened within the letter, that my THOUSAND DOLLAR DEPOSIT (which rent is/WAS 725 a month) will be retained due to UNPAID rent. ?? I called the office, and spoke to someone 'new'- she stated verbal is irrelevant in California, and I'm liable. I asked for the women I spoke to on the first, and the rep stated it didn't matter. ??? I'm going down to the office this Wed (my ONLY day off this MONTH), and speaking with the property manager if I can help it. However, my lack of knowledge on this subject is making me apprehensive and doubting my own rights....?? How do I approach this???




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State laws set out very detailed requirements to end a tenancy.

Different types of termination notices are required for different types

of situations, and each state has its own procedures as to how

termination notices and eviction papers must be written and delivered


The links below will take you to pages with more specific information regarding the 30-day notice.

Generally, the security deposit limit for the State of California is two months' rent (unfurnished) or three months' rent (furnished).

Good luck!

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