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3 strike laws in florida??

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Hello, i currently live in ohio and have 2 minor felonies for drug abuse... they are both f-5's here in ohio which is the lowest possible felony you can get.. i got 20 hours community service and no jail time for both of these offenses.. long story short is i got my life back together and want to move from ohio to florida to move on with my life.. i was gonna move to california but they have 3 strike laws which will give me no strikes for my minor felonies,but give me strikes for my juvenile record?? i'm now 37 and there giving me strikes for my juvenile record?? 1 more charge and i get 25 years to life?? can't risk that one!! so, my question is?? does florida have any 3 strike laws in which i will receive strikes from my past?? will they strike me for my 2 previous felonies of drug abuse in ohio?? and will they strike me for my juvenile record which was 20 years ago also in ohio?? can someone please help me out?? and i don't wanna hear don't commit another crime and your ok!!! i need to know if your state will hold my past against me as far a the 3 strike law?? and if i relaspe?? god forbid!! will i go to prison for 25 years to life?? thanks, hollywoodmike...

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You didn't say what your juvenile crimes were so there's no way to tell you if they would count as strikes in CA or not. Under the 3 strikes law, only specific violent or serious felony convictions are included for use to enhance the penalties for a new felony offense. Drug possession convictions would not be a strike. Florida, as the other poster noted, does have a habitual offender statute that is actually broader in application than the CA 3 strikes statutes.

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