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petition to revoke

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I live in #### TN but about 6 months ago i was arrested for 1 gram of pot in clarksville TN where i was sentenced to 11months and 29 days jail which was suspended to 11 months 29 days probation.and afine of $1500.00 I have been on probation for about 6 months of my sentence and i have paid on my finesand probation fees likes i am suppose to ,i have to take a 5 pannel quick drug test each month, i have past all but 1 test inwhich it tested positive for cocaine. when i contacted my probation officer i was informed that she had put a petition to revoke and that i should turn my self in. I take the prescrition percocet for pain but i have never done cocaine. I have 3 questions "could a 5 pannel quick drug test be wrong or faulty because of the medication im on or for any other reason?and what kind of sentence would i most likely receive for a 1st time violation for what i have described ?should i take to big court or can i?

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