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Statue of limitations

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Would you clarify what you mean by contruction defaults?

Is there a breach of contract essentially? Here are some of the periods relevant to common causes of action in Arkansas (found here) and the statutes that spell them out.

Injury to Person 1 yr. §16-56-104
Libel/Slander Libel: 3 yrs. §16-56-105 Slander: 1 yr. §§16-56-104
Fraud Common law fraud and fraud and deceit: 3 yrs. §16-56-105
Injury to Personal Property 3 yrs. §16-56-105
Professional Malpractice Legal: 3 yrs. §16-56-105; Medical: 2 yrs. §16-114-203
Trespass 3 yrs. §16-56-105
Collection of Rents 3 yrs. §16-56-105
Contracts - Written: 5 yrs. §16-56-111; Oral: 3 yrs. §16-56-105
Collection of Debt on Account 3 yrs. if not written or under seal §16-56-105
Judgments 10 yrs. §16-56-114

Product Defects - An action must be brought within three years from the time when the injury is or should have been discovered.

Note: State laws are constantly changing -- contact an attorney or conduct your own legal research to verify the state law(s) you are researching.

Good luck!

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