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Residing in Jacksonville, FL, I injured my right thumb on 6/24/2010. Not having insurance at the time, I went to two(2) hospitals until I obtained proper insurance. Having the opportunity to know what is going on, I learned that there is a fracture, break, and my Sesamoid bone has removed itself from the thumb and lodged itself in the muscle/tissue between the thumb and the pointer finger. Trying to do what I can until my insurance takes affect, I went to another hospital in September to see what further damage, if any, has occurred. Receiving the same news from the second hospital, I knew something was definitely wrong. At the time of injury until my insurance is accepted, I have endured tingling, fire, pinching, numbing, tension, pulling, stiffness, hand jumping, and so much more based on this injury. When I finally made the appointment for my hand, I was relieved that finally, it was getting fixed. Unfortunately, that is and was not the case. The resident doctor, pulled, yanked, pinched, etc., my hand as he "tried" to figure out what was wrong. Not a professional thing to do to a patient that has a fracture and break. Having an x-ray taken, I still have not seen or heard what the damage was. However, the resident doctor told and informed me that nothing was wrong and sent me to physical therapy. Very stupid idea resident doctor! Feeling more pain after this incident and hearing what I thought was a minority decision, I wanted more medical treatment than what I was receiving than what I had supposedly received. Wanting more tests done on my hand to tell me where and why the Sesamoid bone was removed and lodged elsewhere, I knew the pain I was experiencing was not at all normal. I requested my physician for more detailed results and I requested an MRI due to my hand and arm was jumping, tingling, and swelling.

With an estimated month approaching for my request of an MRI, I begin to wonder why I was being treated in this manner and what the intentions/agenda was towards my injury. Making appointments for further details, I began to prepare my previous hospital documents, records, etc., along with my personal questions on the situation. With a meeting and appointment with the doctor, I informed him that I did not get to look at my previous x-rays, I was not included in the conversation with the doctor of my x-ray and results, he also did not request for the previous record based on this current injury. The second doctor did worse than the first. He pulled more, yanked harder, and pinched so violently, that I cried in their presence. He informed me of why I denied the physical therapy, and I informed him that on a fracture, break, and the removal of a Sesamoid bone in the thumb, was not a smart, professional duty reference based on my injury. This second doctor pretty much ignored the documents I had in my lap, did not let me look at the x-ray, and he also did not sit with me to explain the x-ray. When finishing this traumatic incompetence, I knew something had to be done and it had to be done right to find out what my injury really was all about. I still to this day don't know in detail what my results; x-rays and MRI, state.

As of today, 6/12/2012, I am experiencing the same as above. I can also feel the crunching in my hand. Tell me....why? What have I done to receive this type of unprofessional medical treatment?

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