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crazy neighbor harassment

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We have a problem with our crazy neighbor. SHE does not play well with others. Ever since SHE moved into the semi-attached home next door, SHE has been making complaints about hearing phantom knocking on the wall and protesting the feeding of stray outdoor cats in Our yard. No one but HER seems to hear this knocking and every time my Father speaks to HER, SHE does or says something nasty. SHE calls and pesters all of the city services in Washington, D.C. that will make the mistake of listening to HER, and ends up more angry when they tell HER that it's not their problem. Can you guess who SHE takes it out on? Yes, my poor, overly kind Father. SHE also waits at HER front door for my Father to leave in the morning to take my Mother to work and runs out to say things to him, or just threaten him. 1st nutty complaint from the day SHE moved in.) HER: Tell your son to stop knocking on the walls and feeding the outdoor cats. MY Father: My son is a grown man, I don't control what he does, and no one has been knocking on the walls, perhaps you are mistaken. HER: You need to control your son, I know how to deal with people like you!" 2.) HER: Make your dog stop barking at me. MY Father: no response, pity head shake. HER: I'll fix that too. One week later, SHE leaves a trash can filled with water against the fence, mosquitoes are everywhere they sting the poor dogs, ours and the neighbor's on the other side, and both dogs die from heartworms, caused by the mosquito bites, confirmed by the Vet. Still SHE complains about the cats and the phantom knocking. 3.) My Father told HER that his Mother bought the nice bush and planted it in between the rails of our front door steps, with the permission of the former neighbor who died years before SHE moved in. The next day, SHE cuts the bush up and the day after that HER Daughter comes out and butchers the poor bush, leaving a few stalks with some leaves on it. It took almost an entire year for it to grow back, it had been there since 1938, the houses were built in 1935. 4.) HER: SHE calls the Police on Boxing Day and complains that someone is knocking on the walls, they come over to check and discover that SHE is a nut, after my Brother explains to them, that SHE is the only one hearing these knocking sounds. SHE got angry at the Police, because they wouldn't let HER come into Our house and show them where the phantom knocking was coming from. They had to explain to HER, that under no circumstance can they allow such a thing. It sounds almost as bad as the galloping that Caligula heard in his head. 5.) One day she runs out and stops my Father at the car and says, HER: You heard about that stuff at Virginia Tech, I just might snap one day. MY Father: Is that a threat? SHE runs away when my Mother comes out. Later, my Mother tries to file a complaint at the Police Station, but they act like it's not a big deal and tell my parents to ingnore HER. That's all we do, we all ignore HER, but my Father breaks down and speaks sometimes, always polite, and SHE responds with nasty comments or nutty proclamations. I'll describe the wonderous view being blocked by the tree, our back yard, across the alley a one car garage and the uneventful, boring back yard and house of the neighboor. 6.) HER: You need to cut that tree in your yard, it's been blockin' my view for fifteen years. SHE has only been there ten years and the tree has been over growing as trees do, for over twenty years, every Spring and Summer. MY Father: You can cut whatever's hanging over the property line yourself. HER: I want to send someone in your yard to cut it. MY Father: You can send someone to do that, but only cut what's hanging over the fence onto your property. US: Big mistake, didn't we tell you to stop talking to HER or acknowledging HER . . .? Next day, MY Father: You can cut the parts hanging over, but you'll have to give me the name and the number of the person that'll be doing the work, and you have to call first to make sure that I or one of my kids are home. HER: Oh, I didn't really have anyone, I'll get back to you. SHE runs off as if too busy to chat. Next day, while out front talking to a new neighbor from across the street, HER: I'm gonna sue him if he doesn't cut that tree. Loudly as my Father walks by coming into the house. Now he's nerveous and worried about HER doing something that will cost us money that we don't have. I'm worried that SHE's crazy and will hurt him if this keeps up. What can we do about HER? The Police, unfortunately, do not practice preventative measures, so we're on our own. So, I and my Brother and Mother have to wait around until SHE hurts one of us, destroys something, or until my Father has a heart attack that kills him this time. SHE knows that he has heart trouble and that he's a nervous man. SHE has almost alienated every one in the neighborhood, SHE tricks and fools some people into doing work for HER for free, but when SHE can't get what she wants, she harasses them. SHE is an impolite, hateful, crass, bully and I'm tired of it, it has already taken up enough of my Father's and my Mother's time. I need some advice, before I get tired of ignoring HER stupid, time wasting antics . . .

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To whom this may concern,

My neighbors used to be my friends and now we are not talking. And this is two different people that live in two different apartments.

They are trying to get me kicked out of my apartment. One of them is either putting her kids up to it or she is pumping her kids for the information or she is doing it, but the are watching my every move and going and telling my other neighbor everything that I do, and every guest that I have, and the other neighbor say she’s neighbor 1 and the other one is neighbor 2. Neighbor 1 goes and complains to my apartment complex manager that Neighbor number 2 said that I was peeping in her window and neighbor calls the cops and files a report about me. Which I talk to the cops and tell them about our broken friendship and that I was not peeping in her window. Neighbor 1 has a dog and when we were friends the dog really likes me and he listens to me, all I did was walk on the sidewalk in front of her apartment and nicely ask her dog to stop barking, and her dog listened to me and instantly stopped barking,

Neighbor 1 calls and complains to my apartment manager and says that I was peeping in her window. This is not the first instance where she has called the apartment manager to try to get me in trouble to get me evicted. Neighbor 1 has a husband and he has opened my screen door and cussed me out in front of my 13 year old son.

The reason they stopped being my friend is because I asked them if any of them had turned the knob on my propane on my grill, because I have replaced the tank twice, because someone keeps letting the propane out. And after that they stopped being my friend.

Neighbor 1 has two kids a boy that is 3 and a girl that is 2. Her boys walk over on my porch and ask me for gum. Neighbor 2 has three kids a 3 year old boy, a 8 year old boy, and a 2 year old girl.

Both of their boys ask me for gum all the time and their parents have never had a problem with them asking before for gum. And now neighbor 1 and neighbor 2 sons still come on my porch and ask me for gum,

One day neighbor 1's son came over on my porch where I was setting and asked me for a piece of gum I said he needed to ask him mommy, he went and asked his mom if he could have a piece of gum, and she was on the phone and she didn't answer him, I put the gum on my grill and he grabbed it off of there and he took it over and showed his mom and she took it out of his hand and threw it on my grill and dragged him in her apartment. And the next day she called the apartment manager and told her that I was giving her child gum and that she didn't appreciate that.

We are banned from talk to each other or going on each others porch by the apartment manager. Even though Neighbor 1 and 2 kids go on my porch all the time and I am not going and complaining to the apartment manager.

They are trying to get me kicked out and the ironic thing is both of them are moving in the next 3 or 4 months.

I have been here for three years and both neighbor 1 and 2 just move in here this year.

I am a single parent of two boys, I am on food stamps, section pays my rent, both my son and I have the Medicaid Medical card. If they get me kicked out; my children and I will have no where to go we will be homeless.

What should I do?

Please email me back at:

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

God Bless,

Amy Torkelson

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