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Accident w/towed vehicle - no insurance

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In Colorado, does an inoperable towed (by a tow strap) vehicle require liability insurance? If I was riding in the towed vehicle, steering and braking - but not having any power or control of where the vehicle was going - does this constitute "operating" the vehicle? If the vehicle towing me hits another vehicle while towing me and I subsequently hit the towed vehicle (but not the vehicle the tow-er hit) can I be held 100% liable for damages to the vehicle that I never touched?

I was involved in an accident in my inoperable (and uninsured) vehicle which was being towed by another vehicle (truck) in order to attempt to repair the inoperable vehicle - the towing vehicle unexpectedly slammed on his brakes and hit a car ahead of him - I slammed into the towing vehicle. I had transferred the insurance from my inoperable vehicle to the one I was currently driving - I now got my license suspended because I didn't have insurance on my inoperable vehicle and they won't reinstate it until I pay 100% of the damage caused to the car hit by the towing vehicle - a vehicle that I never touched. Does anyone know if in Colorado an inoperable vehicle being towed is required to have liability insurance? Shouldn't the liability fall with the vehicle that has power and control - ie the towing vehicle. I realize I may be partially responsible - but I had no control and was at the mercy of the vehicle towing me - he lost control and was following too close, etc. or else he wouldn't have had to slam on the brakes. We were just using a tow strap. I paid for half of the damage to the towing vehicle which I hit - The towing vehicle's insurance company has denied any responsibility, and they are trying to charge me with 100% liability. I have a reinstatement hearing set with the DMV, but was looking for something in writing as to the requirements to have insurance for an inoperable towed vehicle. Also - how can the insurance company just decide fault and put 100% of the fault on me? They have since stated that I am probably only 25% responsible - but won't let me pay a lesser portion until they find out how much they can get the other guy for - so they are holding my license hostage while the other two insurance companies fight it out. They also refuse to remove the "lien" on my driver's license at the DMV. Please help!

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