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vandalism on USAA watch..

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What should I do, I placed this on BBB and the insurance company's site.

I've been a customer with A

INSURANCE COMPANY for the last six years. I've never had problems until I

actually had to make a claim. On July 18, 2009 my car was involved in a hit and

run by a reported stolen vehicle, as anyone that has insurance I called to make

a claim. A rental vehicle was reserved and tow vehicle was dispatched and move

to the auto repair shop of my choosing. Due to the fact the incident took place

over the weekend there wasn't a claim adjuster assigned to my claim until

Monday 20July2009. An adjuster was assigned to my case she informed that my

vehicle needed to be moved for further and inspection and not to incur more

storage fee as time passes. I was instructed to get to my car and remove any

other personal items because according the adjuster it may be a total loss...

the claim adjuster encourage that i use one of your approved facilities for

repairs to my vehicle. I received a call two days later from Gerber auto repair

saying they have receive my car but it was vandalized. Originally I was quoted

for the damage $5000 as of today 31 Aug 2009 it has incurred up to 10,915.23.

No one at U**A could explain what happen to my vehicle when I turned it into

your care. There was a period no one called or followed up with me. They were

more concerned about the type of rental car and me not going over the limit. I

spoke with managers that only thing they can tell me is sorry nothing else can

be done. I just don't understand why my vehicle got vandalized under your care

you can't do anything about it, investigate further. I believe someone has dropped

the ball on this my case. It has been over a month I still have no vehicle to

drive. This is a total inconvenience to me. Why can't you help me, you pride

yourself as being military friendly and I feel you're not taking care of this

service member....Because my vehicle was vandalized under your care the current

deductible for my vehicle should be waived or some restitution take place


[This post has been edited to remove personal or identifying information. -FindLaw_Kourosh]

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There are rules against naming names here.

The BBB is useless and not sure what you mean by "placed this ... on the insurance company's site. Posting things electronically vs. actually communicating the old-fashioned way is best.

I have no idea what you really want to know, but it's not as though someone here can walk you through an insurance claim.

Regardless of whether your vehicle was vandalized or not, USAA presumably will cover the damage. If you-it can find out who vandalized it, great -- you can go after them.

I don't know why you think your deductible should be waived and you don't say why you think USAA is responsible in terms of $$$$ for extra inconvenience you may suffered beyond what would be taking place as to the original damage. You'd owe the deductible regardless of this inconvenience. (If you can find out who hit it in the first place, you or USAA can and will go after that person for reimbursement of your deductible.)

"... I still have no vehicle to drive."

If you have rental car coverage, you should have a car to drive. If I were you, I would be writing the old-fashioned way and faxing the letter to whomever is in charge of the claims dept. (Call USAA and find out who that is, as well as the VP of Customer Relations.)

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