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We have a seasonal park model in a New York State private/public campground. Because we don't want damage done to our park model by careless employees we have elected to dispose of our waste ourselves using a portable tank that is legal and environmentally safe and have been doing so for the last 16 years. Now the campground wants to start charging us a fee to do this on top of our seasonal rate because we don't want to use their "dumping" service". I found NYS code regulation for campgrounds constructed after 1991 where the campground has to provide a disposal station for seasonal campers but I'm not sure what the law was before that and if this campground is "grandfathered" into the old rules or what the story is. Can they legally charge us extra to dispose of our sewage (they aren't charging the weekend campers extra or the tenters extra to use their bathrooms). Please tell us what the law is on this matter. Thank you.

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