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Back in Feburary of 2006 my ex husband and my divorce was final I signed a quick claim deed and was to leave the house in seven days, after the seven days he filed a police report saying I damaged the house then went to a dective and the dective told me he would let it go so my ex filed a lawsuit which was set for June of 2006 we went and they asked for a postponment it was granted in june a new trial was set they dropped it a week before in november my lawyer and his went before the chancellor and his lawyer was told no criminal charges they could wait 30 days and file again I have heard nothing one year and five months until three weeks ago and we have another court date for october 23 I don't no if they with droop it again or not what can I do to stop this I have already paid my lawyer $2000 dollars and an home inspector to inspect the house and go to court he said there was no damages but wear and tear of an old house mu exs home inspector ( a friend of the familys) says the damages are $ 26,000 worth, if we go to court in october I have to pay her another$3,000, if they drop it again and they will wait till the last minute to do so then they will probaly do it again in a few months or a year, I really thought it was over this time because it had been a year and two months this time, can this go on the rest of my live, my ex has a lawyer who is a friend of the family so he can afford to play these games, PLEASE HELP he is driving me CRAZY!!!! thank you

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