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Found 40 results

  1. I am writing on behalf of a loved on who is currently incarcerated in the WI state prison system for the revocation of extended supervision, he has been in custody since the end of March 2019.. He has 2 open misd retail theft cases in Marathon County that were filed in late 2017 and early 2018 that are still showing up as active bench warrants. The prison let him know shortly after arriving there that the county filed a detainer on him but has not done anything to get these cases resolved. We have contacted the court by phone and in writing requesting the cases proceed and it is noted in CCAP the court rec'd this request back in July. The Marathon county public defenders office has been contacted by me over the phone to make a request for representation for him and I was told the defendant must request it himself either in writing or via the prison social worker. The defendant did write himself and also was assisted by the prison social repeatedly now contacting htem over the phone each time requesting a PD be reappointed to these cases to file the proper motions to get the cases resolved. There has been zero response to any of the contact we have made and zero progress towards getting these cases moving forward. This is creating some major issues the most serious of which is that due to the open cases and detainer placed on him he is unable to participate in the Earned Release Program for his substance abuse needs which means he will not only serve a substantially longer prison sentence here (costing the taxpayers tens of thousands more) but he will also end up leaving prison without having completed any treatment programming which was the reason he was sent back to prison to begin with!! This is insane to me! We are talking about a retail theft case he already sat 7 days in jail for which was for $200 or less in warm weather clothing he was caught stealing in the dead of winter when he was homeless and a second case that was filed without his even being arrested though he was not caught with anything at all! (he was suspected of stealing from grocery store though they found nothing on him) How can they do this? We have been trying to get something accomplished here for months! What now? It seems like they are trying to wait all the way to the end of his prison sentence before even beginning to address these cases and that is not only bad for him but also bad for the victim and taxpayers! I cannot afford to hire a private attorney to fully represent him for these cases and he obviously is indigent being that he is in prison. My resources are very limited. Can i file a complaint with somebody? Can he represent himself? Can I hire a lawyer to just prepare and file and motion here demanding a speedy trial to get things started and then have the paid lawyer drop the case due to lack of the ability to pay? I am looking for any suggestions here on how to proceed because I am baffled. I can provide case numbers if needed. Thank you!
  2. My state has a 3-day right to cancel certain consumer contracts which I already know about. It is here: https://docs.legis.wisconsin.gov/statutes/statutes/423 My neighbor invited a home improvement company to his home to give him an estimate on replacing his gutters and installing gutter leaf guards. He haggled with the guy who was giving him the estimate and negotiated a price somewhat less than what the estimate originally was going to be. Then he signed a contract to have the work done. Now he's had a change of heart and wants to cancel the contract. He said the merchant didn't give him a notice of his right to cancel. I believe that it's because he doesn't have a right to cancel, at least not under the WI law cited above. He believes its because the merchant is crooked. I could be all wet. I'm not a lawyer. But I believe that because my neighbor called the merchant at the merchant's place of business to request an estimate, the fact that the merchant had to come to his home to look at it in order to give the estimate might not necessarily trigger the "right to cancel" because the transaction was not "initiated by face-to-face solicitation away from a regular place of business of the merchant or by mail or telephone solicitation directed to the particular customer." I don't think the fact that they haggled over the price in the neighbor's driveway changes the fact that it was my neighbor who initiated the transaction by calling the merchant at the merchant's place of business. It would be great if I were wrong. Am I?
  3. My ex and I were never married. Last year, he hired an attorney and filed paperwork with the courts to get full custody and a no contact order on me. He lied in his allegations about me, and, as a result, the Commisioner awarded him temporary full custody and no contact with me. He then placed her in a treatment center 3 hours away from where I live and I didn't see my child for the past year. She has failed school, been raped twice, and been beaten by her step-mom, and started smoking pot. Her father only filed this paperwork to prevent paying me child support. I am on disability and him and his wife make a lot of money. Every time she gets hurt by them, I call them out on it and to get me out of the picture, he filed the above and was granted it. Now, my daughter is 14 and I recently sent vivid pictures of her injuries to child protection, her child worker, and have heard nothing about what they ared doing about the assault. I have also reported several other assaults to no avail. Where do I turn next? She tried to commit suicide due to all of the abuse she gets at home and this time her step-mom told her to go kill herself while she punched and strangled her. What can I do to protect my child? I can not just sit back and watch with no authority whatsoever. Before he was granted this by a commisioner, I retained Full legal and physical custody ordered by a Minnesota Judge. He lives in Wisconsin. I am completely lost and desperate here. My child had black and blue and red bruises around her entire neck front and back for a week after this last incident. Please advise........
  4. Hello, When we were still in an apartment lease, my husband and I found a house for rent that we couldn't pass up. Accordingly, we tried to find someone to take over our lease. When we asked our landlord about it, she said that the apartments did not do lease takeovers, but that what we could do is add our new person as a "roommate" and then move out. This is what we did. The person we found was a nice lady and we gave her a free month's rent. She really loved the place and renewed the lease. The problem is, the deposit on the lease is our money. I understand that deposits generally stay with the lease, not the individuals, and our landlord suggested that we could contact our person directly and offer a few fixes. One, she could pay us the $975 we put down as a deposit, then she could keep whatever she gets back when she decides to vacate (which may be YEARS). Two, she could pay the landlord a deposit directly, then the landlord would release our original funds to us. Three, we wait potentially years to get our $975 back, and that's only if the apartment is still in good condition. She has a great dane and an 8 year old, and though I love kids and dogs, they have a way of ruining things... I'm now realizing that we should have worked this out when she "took over," but we didn't, so here we are. So, we reached out to her. First it was a simple text letting her know about the issue and asking to meet up to chat about it. Nothing threatening, all friendly. A week passed, and she didn't reply, so I tried one more time. This time I said something to the effect of, "Please don't be afraid to talk to us! I know it's scary to be asked about this out of the blue, but we'd love to sit down and work something out." No reply. So we waited three or four days, and my husband tried calling. No answer. He left a message saying we hope she got our messages and that we need to talk about the issue. He also asked that she call back by the end of the week, otherwise we might be sending a letter. That was two days ago, and no reply, though we have until Friday... So last night, just in the case she wasn't receiving our calls and texts, I messaged her on facebook saying we'd tried to get a hold of her and asking if she'd received our calls and texts. No answer, but lots of posts around the time we messaged. We're not friends on facebook, but she's tech savvy enough to see a chat request and accept it. We've also chatted through there before. What do we do? I realize that this is partly our fault for not working it out before she moved in, and that we're likely jointly and severally liable for all the costs and damages.. but she's being pretty shitty in not answering us at all. Our landlord said that as soon as she gets money from our new "roommate" she can let us out of the lease, but it doesn't appear that's going to be addressed any time soon. Some family suggested sending a more official demand letter to her (yes, I realize we likely don't have legal standing, it's more of a bluff). Do you think this would work? Honestly I know it's shitty to be asked for this out of the blue, but she was probably thinking something about it because the lease is renewing July 1st. Something about a deposit surely crossed her mind. How do we solve this without too big of a blowout? I really don't want to get dirty with it and would prefer to solve this peacefully. Thoughts?
  5. So I'm a 17 year old kid who's worked at a local restaurant in Wisconsin for over three years now. I started as a dishwasher and moved my way up to a full time cook and am now able to do everything in the restaurant. The owner (family owned business) owns the building the restaurant is in, but does not own the parking lot. The parking lot is city owned, you have to plug a meter, 2 hour time limit. Recently he's been demanding that no one can park in this parking lot on Friday's or Saturdays, claiming a lack of business due to their being no parking spots available, saying customers drive away because they can't find anywhere to park. He's instead demanded that we park in a different a couple blocks away. Originally he threatened the Job of anyone who parked in the public parking lot but I think after some thought he realized how much money he would loose in a lawsuit if he actually ever fired anyone for it. He then moved on to say that anyone who parks in this public parking lot would not be eligible for a raise until they started parking in a different lot a couple blocks away. Is any of this illegal? if so, could someone link the particular law or statue their violating. Also would a lawsuit be worth it over this and how profitable could it be? Thanks, PotDropAndRole (Alias to maintain anonymity)
  6. In our state's capital city the police recently executed a search warrant, raided an establishment, and arrested 2 people for possession and distribution of marijuana. The place that was raided was the Lion of Judah Rastafarian Church, which considers marijuana to be a sacrament. Since the Lion of Judah Church was only founded a few months ago, or at least that branch of it at that particular location, a lot of people, apparently including the police, think it is just an excuse for a drug house. Setting that aside for a moment... What court is qualified to judge whether something is or is not a church? What would count as evidence for & against? My understanding is that courts tend to accept that anything claiming to be a church is a church (and some people don't like the tax implications of that, but the IRS also does not like to get involved in determining what is or isn't a church either). I guess another question is, when does religious practice trump criminal law (if ever)? And if it doesn't, what would prevent states from criminalizing the religious practices of any religion they would prefer not exist in their state? Inquiring minds want to know.
  7. So my sister has lived with my mother for most of her adult life. My sister is 48. My sister became a alcoholic & her care for my mother started to decline. My mother is 71, retired, has had 2 knee surgeries, neck surgery, has back issues & is a cancer survivor. My sister works as a waitress and she lived in my mother’s house . Due to my sisters alcoholism, which she has had numerous issues resulting in emergency services called for her.ie..fire department & police. My husband had to several times go to their house due to my sister being passed out or injured due to her alcoholism. He had taken her a few times to the hospital & to a rehab center to get her clean. We we recently found out that during the past 2yrs my sister stopped paying the mortgage & other bills that came with the house. This then put the house into foreclosure. Also found out from my mother that my sister took my mother’s life savings for her own personal self. Leaving my mother with nothing. My mother is on Ssi. Her only income. My sister found her own place, told us and said take care of mom. During this process my mother said to sell whatever we can and use that money to help out with whatever. We ended up selling the appliances & a couch. All totaling up to maybe a few hundred dollars. My husband cleaned up the house, gathered things my mother wanted and brought them to our home & the rest to her sisters house. So we took my mother in to live with us. We switched up a lot of things in our home to accommodate her. We were now her new home. She lived with us for about 6 months. Then out of no where my sister wanted my mom to move in with her & my mother agreed. So we moved her in with my sister. Then now my sister has been asking where certain things are from the house. Fishing poles and equipment, speakers, DVD player & other miscellaneous things. Things we have no idea what she talking about. Also the money for what was sold. She has been threatening to take us to small claims court for these things. Has called my husband a liar, a thief. My husband has Multiple Sclerosis & my sister has gone as far as saying “Enjoy your life your husband is going to be in his wheelchair sooner then later. She has called me a money grubbing woman & only out for money. Do we have to worry about this threat of small claims or ???. She also sends me text messages at late hours in the night when I have to be up early to work. What can I do & do I have anything to worry about.
  8. I would like to know if the state of Wisconsin recently changed a law that says that some inmates at the Winnebago Correctional institute) which is a minimum) can not work outside the prison for contracted companies? Are there exceptions to this and what are they.
  9. I received a 14 day notice to vacate the premises due to non-payment of rent. The very next morning I have a knock on my door and I get served with paperworkt to appear in small claims court regarding the same issue. The court date itself is 18 days from the date I'm receiving it, again, ONE day after the landlord giving us a 14 day eviction notice. This is in Wisconsin. Am I wrong, or am I right in thinking that the landlord is using improper procedure to attempt to evict us? We just had a baby 14 days ago and will be getting county assistance to help catch us up on the rent..
  10. We own 2 parcels of land that are connected but listed as 2 separate parcels in Waushara County, WI. The first is 2.5 acres and the second one bought is 5.5 acres. We have spent a lot of money to put in electric, a well/water and a septic system on the 2.5 acres over the past couple of years. We have a 38 foot RV that we use as our season residence on OUR property with full hooks ups while we have the plans drawn up for our Cottage that we will be building in the next year or 2. We live and work about 2 hours away from our property that we have up north and we are not able to stay there 24/7 all spring/summer/fall but we try to get there every week at some point to enjoy the land. We leave the RV there plugged in to the water sewer and electric lines when we leave so when ever we can we just run up to the property and were ready to go. It's in a nice well groomed area of our property with flowers planted and a table and chairs on the patio type area etc. It's not just a junky old abandoned trailer left in the middle of the field. One of our neighbors wrote a letter to Waushara County complaining about our RV being parked on our property and says its illegal. We just received a letter stating we are in violation of the Waushara County Rules and states that we cannot leave out RV parked on our Property unless we are there with the RV at all times. If we leave we have to take it with us, or we have to park it in an enclosed building. If we had 10 acres we could file for a special land use permit or something like that Or we could move it to another property that has a dwelling on the property. (My aunt and Uncle own the property right next to us another 2.5 parcel and they have a cottage.) So what they are saying is I could unhook and move my RV about 300 feet onto their property and leave it there all season when ever I'm nit suing it because they have a dwelling, but I'd have no hook ups like water sewer or electric, but I cannot leave my RV on MY property hooked up to all utilities unless I'm there all the time. This makes no sense to me. We read the rules of season residence in their so called zoning rules and we feel that we are meeting the requirements necessary. They now say that travel trailers (which ours is not, it's an RV) cannot be considered as a seasonal residence. We pay our taxes we files for all the proper permits when getting the water, sewer and electric. We keep out property nice and well kept and are continuing to do improvements to it all the time. Why is it some nosey neighbors business what I have on my property when it's all legit and in good condition etc. How do they even know when we are there or not there with the RV are they watching me pull in and out of my longs tree lined drive everyday? We will be going to our appointed court date to fight this and ask for a trial if necessary and If I need to get a lawyer I will. Is there something a lawyer can do to help us do you think?
  11. I was giving a verbal monthly rent amount of 645 dollars a month for a 1 bedroom. On the Saturday I was to pay the security deposit the system went down so I was given a tablet and told sign here this will hold it for you. I thought it was just something showing I was interested. all I was able to see was "X__________________. I went back the next day Sunday and paid security depotsit and asked for the lease and was told I would get it when its ready. I then went to pay the rent $645. On the receipts I got it cleary shows $645 future rent. Not $645 discounted rent for the month of July. I moved in June 29. In August, a month after, I thought the rent was $640 and sent the check At the end of the month I received a $150 bill for late fee and being short $80. I called the rental office and was told the rent was $720. I was never given a paper copy of a lease to sign and I never got one. a week later I sent a link to view the lease i never physically signed. I am behind on the late fees $225 and 75 on September Rent. I pay my bill by the grace period of the 5th but they keep charging me a late fee of $50 for not having it in on the 1st. Yet they put me in the bad financial situation to being with. I had originally turned down their other unit at a different location a TWO bedroom for $740 as my youngest son moved out. So I looked for a cheaper one bed room for me and my diabled son thinking he can sleep on the sofa until he moves out. He's is not ready to live alone so he is with me yet. Why would I take a one bedroom for $720 when I could have had a two bedroom for $20 dollars more. In any case they refuse to stick to the $645 and keep charging me a late fee even if I pay within the grace period. should I bother with small claims? SOS HELP.
  12. On April 1, 2016, I purchased my first home. Even though I felt I was somewhat educated on this big step, I nonetheless relied on the expertise of my realtor, inspectors and mortgage lender to enter into this 30 yr. investment. Six weeks after taking occupancy, a faulty a/c condenser cause a massive ceiling leak resulting in $14,000 in damages and forced me to live with bare concrete floors, no walls or ceilings and horrid living conditions for over 2 months. Insurance did cover repairs, less the $1000 deductible I'm still paying off. This will inevitably cause my insurance premiums to go up upon renewal. Adding to this, all the windows are custom, requiring custom blinds, those being Bali. To date, 5 out of the 6 blinds have completely fallen apart and require replacement. The carpeting in the rooms that were not damaged from the earlier leak, are severely frayed to the point I have to physically cut them away in order to close closet doors. The laminate countertops in the kitchen are separating from the seams. The kitchen cabinet doors were not properly installed as they will not close. And this is just the home's interior. Outside, there is a large deck that, underneath the semi-fresh coat of paint, is complete dry rot. Four of 6 spindles have completely disintegrated into clumps of splinters. The paint on the deck floor comes off in strips. The house and garage are vinyl sided, both of which are separating at the seams. Half of the garage's electrical outlets do not work. The list continues to grow. All this in less than 8 months. You may feel I am nitpicking here. I feel like I'm nitpicking. But these are expenses that I foresaw perhaps 2-5 yrs. down the road, not now. Being disabled does not allow me to do the majority of this work thus I would have to hire more contractors. Being on a fixed income limits me even more. Both my realtor and mortgage lender advised me that, "Our relationship ended at closing." I obtained a WHEDA/ FHA loan to purchase the home. Should I contact them, an attorney or just let this place nickle and dime me into bankruptcy? I did purchase a home warranty but have not reached out to them as of yet. Frankly, I don't know what to do. I always believed that home ownership would be a proud, monumental experience. This has been a nightmare. I am very fearful of what else is going to go wrong here. My apologies for the lengthy post. Thank you for any guidance you can provide me.
  13. my son was on his way home from a friends. He prepared to make a left turn, put on his dirrectional, merged into the turn lane and completed his turn. An officer stopped him and said his tires had crossed over the white line designating the turn lane from the ongoing traffic lane. She said she smelled alchohol on his breath even though he said he wasn't drinking, gave him a field test and failed him. The blood test came back negative for alchohol so they sent it in to the state crime lab for further test and found traces of THC... 8 months after the stop. He was on bond for another bogess stop 18 months prior (they have cancelled his jury trial 3 times and keep him in limbo). Now they are charging him for bail jumping, posession (pipe in car console), etc. Is it a traffic violation if your intent is clearly stated with the directional on and the merge into the turn lane... even if a tire happens to cross the line in the process??
  14. My husband wants a divorce and my mother is very ill. If she passes before my divorce is final is my husband entitled to 1/2 of my inheritance. We live in Wisconsin which is a community property state.
  15. We are enrolled in a public online school in which the school is requiring over 4-5 hours online class connect session back to back from 8am through 5 pm. Children are then required to complete lessons which exceed 8 hours to complete. Each child has learning issues the school advertised work at your own pace. Now were enrolled and stuck in this situation. Any comments, similarities or suggestions please?
  16. My boyfriend was doing a 90 day program at Milwaukee security detention facility. He had 2 minor infraction n the one that they Thought he was making hooch was the last they made the decision on kickng him out because we had a conflict about me just working in a kitchen at a bar n with his recovery he wanted ? part. Of so he stated my name and said I don't want a girlfriend that works hangs out in a bar or in that environment his defense was his recovery which I respect so I decided not to work there because his recovery n relationship mean more. They based the facts off of him not changing. His review 2 days prior to his p.o were great. He was doing very well. Now sense he got kicked out being an atr he is facing revocation and his p.o is asking 2-3 years n max is 3. We have a good reason the truth behind the conversation. They stated words that my boyfriend never said I. The phone. What are the outcomes of this all? what can we really use or ask for at the hearing?
  17. I take care of an adult with slight disability who ended up with a guardian while in a coma. This guardian dictates & authorizes every med the person takes even down to cough syrup. They cannot even have Dr approve cough syrup without the guardians say so. Is this legal or is this guardian over stepping their boundaries. Also guardian indicates if the person can be left along or not for a couple hours. The person I care for can make decisions, can converse & reason with you. So again is this guardian micromanaging too much on this individual?
  18. It was 04/14/2014. Me and my daughter was driving back from Chicago,Ill. The roads were messy wet and slick. My daughter was 5 mths pregnant. We were driving, a semi truck was coming up on my blind side fast. It was a truck up on highway 11, cleaning up from an previous accident. The truck caught my 99 Nissan Altima in the rear on the passenger side and sent my car into a spin. my car came to a complete stop, on coming traffic stopped and watched my car spin uncontrollably. Then another semi truck that was going to fast, could not stop and ran to a car that was standing still, then ran him into me. My car was totalled. the other car had minimal damage. During all of this, the first truck stopped and kept going. Now they are trying to say, i caused the accident and no i did not get a ticket for causing an accident. they told me i can't sue but my daughter can. She hired H*** and A***** in Milwaukee,Wi. They treated us with such disrespect, they never even tried to reach out to her about anything. They even settled the suit without her and told her she has nothing coming and told her case closed. They said because they settled it. I wont be sued no more. My question is isn't that legal malpractice and should i be writing to the Attorney General in Madison,Wi, because i feel cheated. I took a big loss and my daughter was having pains since the accident. It caused her to go into labor early. The baby was born but his lungs didnt develop all the way. She had him at 7 mths. He passed away due to complications with his lungs. That was a very big loss. Advice of any kind please
  19. Ok so August 1, 2016 I was fired from walgreens after 18 years for technically stealing a soda. I was a shift lead and I had no prior backround write ups. Yes I did drink some of the soda and no I didn't pay for it. Not my intention at all. The last hour of work is very hectic and long story short I forgot and remembered 3 times. Finally when I arrived at work the next day I was going to grab one soda and just pay for 2.. Needless to say already by that time loss prevention was there waiting for me. Now a little background. We had recently received a new store manager who I had previously worked with. I had told her I had been looking for a new job because the income I had been receiving there wasnt adequate enough anymore. I thought I was doing the right thing by being honest about this, but as soon as I said so things for me changed. I started getting almost all closing shifts. The managers were treating me differently. I felt like they were waiting for me to make a mistake. Now because of this I have been denied unemploymen benefits. Should I appeal? Do I have a chance?
  20. Hello. The Parks system was "recently made aware of" an incident they believe requires my marina tenancy revocation. Throughout my written requests to cease such action, they are persistant on doing such. Thankfully statutes are on my side that I have the right to the appeal process. What law specialty addresses tenant issues such as this unique one? I believe this falls outside the standard "landlord/tenant" scenario. I will also post this in the Eviction section. I will need excellent representation within the next 90 days. Thank you.
  21. Hello, I have been leasing a retail store for the last three years. The Original lease was for one year, then to roll over to a month-to-month. The landlord has told me, verbally, that I have until October 31, 2016 to vacate. His reason is that there is another tenant that is willing to pay more rent. I have not received a rent increase notice, in writing, or a termination notice in writing. If I do not get these by October 3rd, I should have the right to stay for 28 days after being served them. However, if he has written a lease with the new tenant that is dated before I was given written notice, would that new lease be valid? Thanks,
  22. I havent seen my son in over 6 yrs. His mother left to another state (Virginia) without my consent. It was hard to find them but eventually I did. Also I found out they forged my signature on the adoption papers. What should I do?
  23. A kid had stolen some energy drinks and my boss pursued him outside. Another employee and I followed our boss. When I got outside I noticed a large group of teenagers in/around/on a car (I didn't know they were involved yet). As I stood 20 ft from where my boss and the shoplifter engaged an individual came from the group of teenagers to "help" his friend. I recognized the possible danger of the situation as a "standoff" occurred and so I defused it with the shoplifters friend telling them that they are free to go and that we are not going to fight anybody. A moment later, a car pulled up 3ft behind me, placing me between the shoplifter's car and the shoplifter. When I turned to look at the car, the shoplifter ran to get in but I must have been in the way or maybe he was showing off (by trying to knock me out) but I ended up getting hit extremely hard in the neck without any warning or seeing it coming. A 911 call was placed and there were many witnesses. I waited for the police to respond but after 10-15 minutes and knowledge of my cities Police response time (from experience), I determined that I needed to leave as I had childcare obligations. I was assured by others that they would talk to the police and on my drive home I called the police station and arranged for them to meet me the next time I worked. They didn't show up but I was again assured that they DID show up the previous day (1 hour after the call) and that there was a police report. 3 months later, the neck pain didn't recede on its own like I thought it would so I decided to seek medical attention. I applied for financial assistance as a crime victim but found that there is no police report. Do I need to get a lawyer? If so, what kind of Lawyer? Who should pay for my bills? Me? My work? Crime victim Fund? I appreciate anyone taking the time to read this.
  24. We built our house in 2008 and had a local HVAC company install a geothermal unit with backup LP furnace, a total cost of $26,000. Three months after moving into our home, the geothermal unit was not working. The HVAC company came out and fixed without a charge. We were told that the unit only worked for several hours before failing. We demanded a new unit at that point, but they reassured us that it was not an uncommon fix and could have been caused during transport. The unit continued to have issues every year and the issues became more and more. The HVAC company worked with us and were very aware of our dissatisfaction. They told us that the manufacture was out of business and the warranty was not valid. This year we called them three times for a failed system and finally a fire of the unit. The fire was contained to the geothermal unit, thank the Lord! The HVAC company denies any responsibility in replacing the unit, they said that this is the manufacturer defect. We contacted two other companies for replacement estimates, one quote was $17,000 and one was $9,000. Can we take any legal action against the HVAC company?
  25. State:Wisconsin Today I was in court for child support. My ex and I have been divorced since 2008. We have shared placement of our 2 children (50/50) since then. At that time I was making about $1,100/month and she was making about $2,100/month. At that time support would have been about $180/month but because I was still hoping (foolishly) to reconcile the relationship I made the decision to wave support. Over the years our incomes have become more and more uneven. Our relationship fell apart this past summer over vacation time (which wasn't outlined in the original divorce) so I went to a lawyer for the purpose of updating the divorce papers. In the end we agreed on everything except child support. Currently I make $45,000 and she makes $84,000. After a long trial and lots of lawyer arguing the the court commissioner ruled that no support was necessary because when you do the math our percentage of income increase is nearly identical to what it was back in 2008. And since no support was ordered then, no support will be ordered now because there has not been a change in circumstances. My lawyer was shocked by the ruling and we have the option to ask for a De Novo trial with a judge. He of course thinks we should do it, but I'm not sure. Looking for opinions. Was the court commissioner wrong? Or because the income ratio was X back in 08 and is still X today, regardless of the dollar amount, no change of circumstance has occurred?
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